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Experimental Game Pack 01


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Space Constructors, Inc. (dba LA Game Space) is a tax-exempt public charity and any donations to the organization are deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

All new games including...

Perfect Stride (alpha) Arcane Kids

  • A first-person maximalist skater. Literally a perfect game. Based on old school FPS movement exploits (Quake-jumping, Tribes-skiing, Counterstrike-surfing).
  • “I’ve been yearning for [Perfect Stride] in ways most sensual and scandalous since I first learned of its existence.” —Nathan Grayson, Rock, Paper, Shotgun
  • Perfect Stride is all about going fast on your hoverboard, making insane jumps [and is] one of the coolest things in the digital box of wonders called Experimental Game Pack 01.” —Paul Hack, IndieGames.com

A͈L͈P͈H͈A͈B͈E͈T͈ Keita Takahashi + Adam Saltsman

  • Help your lovely alphabet guys. Use your whole keyboard as they run, jump, eat, sing, poop, and sleep through silly obstacle courses.
  • “This is something else. This is astoundingly charming, and hysterical, and gross.” —Patrick Klepek, Giant Bomb
  • “A great little game about speed, concentration, attention, multi-tasking, spatial awareness, keyboard awareness, and fun.” —Paul Hack, IndieGames.com

VideoHeroeS (alpha) Santa Ragione

  • A tribute to video rentals from the 90s. Explore a collection of forgotten gems and try to match the requests of your customers. Horror, Action, Sci-Fi: learn about the most obscure titles and remember the classics!
  • VideoHeroeS brilliantly encapsulates those bygone days of digging deep for buried treasure at local movie rental shops.” —Matt Hawkins, Attract Mode
  • “If you liked Gone Home's painstakingly detailed emphasis on 90s media ephemera…absolutely check this out.” —Mento, Mento

Inputting Steve Swink

  • A mind-bending game about outwitting your keyboard.
  • “A mix of wildly creative ideas, from basic wood-block labyrinths, to third person scrollers, to first-person platforming.” —Brandon Boyer, Venus Patrol
  • “This is probably worth the $15 alone.” —Patrick Klepek, Giant Bomb
  • “It’s a damned smart idea.” —John Walker, Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Depth Vince Mckelvie

  • Use your depth perception to warp reality. Solve increasingly difficult puzzles and discover what exists beyond the walls.
  • “Just when you didn’t think there could ever be a first-person puzzle game with a clever mechanic that would stretch your mind and leave you dribbling with confusion, along comes Depth. ” —Staff, Indie Statik
  • “It's a great idea…quite substantial to boot.” —Mento, Mento

...And More Games from the People Behind

Adventure Time, Katamari Damacy, The Unfinished Swan, the BIT.TRIP series, Hotline Miami, Kentucky Route Zero, Fotonica, QWOP

Perfect Stride (Alpha)
Tongue Strike II
LA Death Disk
Golden Age: Moths
Cheque Please
Piano Basketball
Coureur des bois
Irrational Exuberance
To My Favourite Sinner
The Wanderer
ESNF Fortune Teller
VideoHeroeS (alpha)
Guilded Youth
Wake Up
A Dive
I Hate Flying
Keita Takahashi (Katamari Damacy) + Adam Saltsman (Canabalt) /
Pen Ward (Adventure Time) + Bennett Foddy (QWOP / CLOP) /
Cactus (Hotline Miami) / Santa Ragione (Fotonica) / Arcane Kids (Zineth) /
Steve Swink (Scale) / jonCates + Jake Elliott (KY Route 0) / Tamas Kemenczy /
Molleindustria Paolo Pedercini (Unmanned) / Ben Vance (Skulls of the Shogun)
Beau Blyth (Samurai Gunn) / Noah Sasso (BARABARIBALL) / Pachinko Pictures /
Plateau of the Galaxy Mark Essen (Nidhogg) + Chris Osborn (BIT.TRIP SERIES) /
Jeremy Bailey • David Calvo • Chris Collins + Mike Lopez • Theodore Darst • Jeremy Douglass • Gibson / Martelli • Raquel Meyers + Jens Nirme + Goto80 • I♡PRESETS • Andrew Lovett-Barron • Bryan Ma • Vince Mckelvie • Jim Munroe + Matt Hammill • Brenna Murphy • Kieran Nolan • Nicholas O'Brien • Resn • TR‑404 TRΛCER + minusbaby • Angie Wang • Party Time! Hexcellent Rachel Weil

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